Program Leadership






Teaching Faculty

Kori Bennett

Professorial Lecturer

Kat Carrick

Professorial Lecturer

Daniel Daly

Professorial Lecturer

Stephen Forssell

Program Director, Teaching Assistant Professor

David Heilman

Professorial Lecturer

Tamarah Moss

Professorial Lecturer

Shane Snowdon


Melissa Stone

Professorial Lecturer


Guest Faculty and Presenters


Kellan Baker
Center for American Progress

David Bimbi
City University of New York

Donna Betts
The George Washington University

Lisa Bowleg
The George Washington University

Patrick Burns
U.S. Navy Captain, Brookings Fellow

Aiden Cropsey, Certificate ’15
LGBT Health And Environmental Activist

Matthew Cumbie
Professional Dance Artist and Collaborator

Tony D'Augelli
Pennsylvania State University

Daniel Daly
Guest Capstone Instructor

Dr. Nils Daulaire
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Walter Dellinger
Duke University

Brian Dodge
The Kinsey Institute


Sylvia Kay Fisher
Health Resources and Services Administration

Peter Gamache
Turnaround Achievement

Jeremy Garcon

Sharon Glezen
University Health Service, University of Rochester

Mark Hatzenbeuhler
Center for the Study of Social Inequalities and Health, Columbia University

Arin Jayes, Certificate ’16
Transgender Health Advocate

Jesse Joad

Juline Koken
LaGuardia Community College, City College of New York

Oleg Kucheryavenko
Health Policy and Advocacy Coordinator

Beverly Little Thunder
Lakota Tribe Elder, Author


Ilan Meyer
The Williams Institute

Sherry Molock
The George Washington University

W. Taylor Monson
Policy Development Analyst

Cobi Moules
Transgender Artist

Charlotte J. Patterson
Interdisciplinary Women, Gender & Sexuality Program, University of Virginia

Margaret Rosario
City College of New York

Mark Schoen
Founder and CEO, Sex Smart Films

Shane Snowdon
Human Rights Campaign

Sarah Warbelow
Human Rights Campaign

Maria Cecilia Zea
The George Washington University