Capstone Projects

George Washington University

Why are the Capstone projects the cornerstone of our program?  

For their LGBT Health Policy & Practice capstone projects, students apply the knowledge and skills learned through their certificate coursework to conceive of, design, and implement a project, innovation or work product in the community.  The individualized student Capstone Project is transformative and designed as a service learning effort to address gaps in service delivery or provide improvement in direct patient support, improved community resources, or policy initiatives designed to reduce LGBT health disparities.

Each Capstone project is unique and can be focused within hospital, private practice, community clinic, educational facility, government agency, or partner organization settings. Capstone Projects introduce local change, and serve to support systemic change both within the United States as well as internationally, as many of our students train and serve in other countries. Students who are looking for potential capstone project host sites in the Washington D.C. area can look at our host sites page for organizations who are eager and willing to work with you for your capstone projects.

Every student receives training on program intervention, evaluation, and project management advice specific to their Capstone. We are fortunate to have many national experts and mentoring faculty to help students incorporate both qualitative and quantitative measures that capture actual impact of their work.  Working closely with mentoring faculty in-person during campus residencies, and via distance consultation, students complete their projects over the course of the program.

Each Capstone Project involves at least one community partner to ensure community support, resource, and local expertise. Institutional partners provide counsel, assistance, and/or field experience for our students.  Some of our Institutional partners include a number of University settings as well as the Human Rights Campaign, Whitman-Walker Health, and Center for American Progress, The Fenway Institute, and the American Psychological Association.

Prospective Capstone Host Sites

There are several non-profit clinics and other organizations who have volunteered to work with our students on their capstone projects. Watch this space for opportunities for host site locations where you can conduct your capstone work.

More Capstone Project Information

Examples of Capstone projects from previous cohorts can be viewed by clicking on the "Student Capstone Projects" tab underneath Capstone Projects on the left panel. You may also wish to read the Student Success Stories page which includes information about Capstone projects that have had a demonstrably positive impact in the community.