A multidisciplinary group of five core faculty members design and guide the LGBT Health certificate program, including Stephen Forssell, Ph.D., the program's director and a faculty member of the Department of Psychology.

GWU LGBT Health Policy & Practice Program


The GWU LGBT Health Policy & Practice Graduate Certificate program trains current and future healthcare leaders to develop strategies that address health issues and reduce health disparities for the LGBT population. Administered by the Professional Psychology Program, the one-year, 12-credit program provides students with a general knowledge of the psychological, medical, and policy-based issues faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) individuals.

Our students are professionals and future professionals in the field—physicians, nurses, psychologists, school counselors, administrators, policy analysts, educators, or social workers—provide care, manage care, and shape health care policy for LGBT people. Students meet and study with leaders in applied physical and mental health care and health policy from the government, academia, non-profits, and the for-profit private sector. To apply for this program, click on the "how to apply" page. 

The Class of 2014-15 visits with Senator Tammy Baldwin during the summer residency


"Global LGBT Health & Human Rights"- July 15th, 2014 

Program Highlights 

  • Completion in less than one year
  • Hybrid online and on-campus curriculum model that accommodates for a diversity of global candidates, as well as the flexibility for working professionals
  • On-campus residencies, take place once in the summer and again in the spring of the program year
  • Focus on applied care, both clinical and administrative
  • Capstone projects that enable students to interact with current or future employers
  • Multidisciplinary faculty from GW and other top-level institutions
  • Prominent guest faculty from the health care and policy fields
  • Networking opportunities with professionals and health organizations 
  • Diverse student body - Students come from a wide range of ethnic, religious, cultural, and professional backgrounds.

Distinguished Guest Faculty

Walter Dellinger

Walter Dellinger is one of the distinguished guest faculty participating in the program. A professor of Law at Duke University and former acting Solicitor General, he has testified more than 25 times before committees of congress and has published articles on constitutional issues in publications including the Harvard Law Review and the New York Times.

Shane Snowdon

Shane Snowdon is among the distinguished guest faculty participating in the program. She heads the LGBT Health & Aging Program of the Human Rights Campaign, the largest LGBT organization in the U.S., and has written extensively on LGBT health.

Tony D'Augelli

Tony D'Augelli is among the distinguished guest faculty participating in the program. A professor and Associate Dean at Pennsylvania State University, he is also a community-clinical psychologist whose writings and research focus on the experience of young LGBT persons.

Michael W. Plankey

Michael W. Plankey, PhD is an infectious disease epidemiologist and assistant professor at Georgetown University Medical Center. His research focuses on methodological approaches to analyzing complex data regarding social, psychological and behavioral risk factors and HIV health outcomes among middle-aged gay/bisexual men.