Student Success Stories

This page highlights the progress of our students and alumni. It is a space for them to share, in their own words, how the program has helped in their educational and professional goals, and how they have gone on to fulfill the mission of the program by making health care more accessible and culturally competent for LGBT people.

"I was hired on at The State University of New York at Geneseo as the Coordinator of LGBTQ Programs and services. It was with my dedication to my alma mater, the opportunity to develop a Capstone project that helped to address Geneseo's LGBTQ needs, and the education that the program provided me that I was able to serve a much needed role in the Geneseo community. The breadth and depth of the course materials contributed tremendously to the level of confidence I have and the knowledge I need to address the broad needs of LGBTQ students at SUNY Geneseo."


Aiden Cropsey, Class of 2015
LGBTQ Programs and Services Coordinator - The State University of New York at Geneseo

Published his capstone project along with colleague Adrienne Hancock, titled "Speech-Language Pathologists' Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) Populations" in the American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, May 2015. Their research focused on cultural competence, general knowledge, and attitudes of speech-language pathologists working with the LGBTQ community, especially transgender populations. Greg was accepted into the Drexel University College of Medicine for the fall of 2017


Gregory Haskin, Class of 2014

B.A. Psychology, George Washington University Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, 2013


“Kudos to [the director] and the program – I really feel that it was the catalyst and springboard for my career development and people taking me seriously in my work!”

Successfully lobbied to add transition coverage to his university health plan : "As a result of my Capstone project, students at the University of Rochester will be offered gender transition-related coverage beginning the 2014-2015 academic year, and beginning January 1st, 2015, the university will add transgender health care benefits for employees and their families enrolled in university health care plans. The University of Rochester will be the 27th college or university in the USA to offer transition-related medical expenses under employee health insurance and the 52nd university to adopt the progressive healthcare policy for students. In February 2014, I was named Coordinator of Outreach at the University of Rochester Susan B. Anthony Center, the mission of which is to translate research into practice and policy to promote social justice and equality for all. Since then I have worked with multiple organizations, both on campus and in the Rochester community, to help address many of the social injustice issues and health care disparities that are faced by the LGBT community. I co-presented a workshop on ‘What the Numbers Say’ and discussed LGBT sexual assault on college campuses, launched a Tran* student website for the University of Rochester, and developed an LGBT patient website for Strong Memorial Hospital."

Recently accepted a new position as Director of Diversity and Inclusion at the University of Rochester’s Clinical Translational Science Institute, one of 60 institutions nationwide with funding from the NIH to lead the emerging field of clinical and translational research:


Dr. John Cullen, Class of 2014
Research Associate Professor - Department of Surgery, University of Rochester Medical Center


"The rich experiences I gained from the LGBTHPP Program, through both my capstone project and collaborating in the community, helped me achieve a very important goal, to gain admission to my choice of doctoral programs. I have since begun pursuing a Ph.D. in Applied Social and Health Psychology at the Colorado State University, a Tier 1 institution. I feel very fortunate to say that I was one of only two incoming students accepted this year, and that I am fully funded. The interdisciplinary nature of the LGBTHPP Program, drawing on both the Psychology and Public Health departments, is what made me a truly competitive applicant. I look forward to honing the passions and skills I first developed during the LGBTHPP Program as I advance through the academy."

Admitted to Colorado State University Ph.D. Program in Applied Health Psychology


Pearl L. Outland, Class of 2014

B.S. in Psychology, University of Wisconsin at Parkside, 2013

"Participating in the LGBT Health Policy and Practice program while concurrently pursuing my Medical Doctorate, allowed me to not only substantiate my previous interest and involvement in LGBT healthcare, but also allowed me to connect with like-minded peers and to develop a network of resources and resource holders which ultimately led to the publication of an innovative systematic review of the literature addressing the LGBT smoking cessation while highlighting the future goals and direction for providers of LGBT healthcare. It is my hope that such research will serve as a platform for future initiatives by community organizations and governmental agencies in addressing LGBT health needs, and will serve to underscore my commitment to LGBT health as my career in medicine advances."

Published his Capstone Project in The American Journal of Preventive Medicine


Cramer McCullen, Class of 2014
M.D./MPH student, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"As an advocate for LGBTQ youth for years I only knew the struggles LGBTQ youth faced within the school environment. I had heard of health disparities but hadn’t considered how a school could be utilized to combat them and allow youth to prosper both in physical and mental health. After hearing from my students that they weren’t receiving health information that was relevant for them I delved deep into the standards and curriculum to see what was really happening in the classroom. The LGBT Health Policy and Practice Certificate Program has given me the health background necessary to examine health curricula and standards to ensure they are relevant and taught appropriately to reduce the health disparities LGBTQ youth experience. My participation in the program and growing expertise in the field has given me the opportunity to now be a reviewer for the revised health standards to ensure LGBTQ inclusivity and relevance. This is a tangible success as I fight to ensure LGBTQ youth receive the health education they so desperately need and deserve!"

Appointed by the DC Board of Education to the review Health and PE Standards for DC Public Schools for LGBT cultural competency, and authored the March 2016 "Public Comment on Proposed Health Education Standards" delivered to the DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education and the DC State Board of Education.


Chris Obermeyer, Class of 2015

Biology Teacher, Cardozo High School, Washington D.C. Public School System

Successfully revised curriculum for first year medical students at the University of Rochester School of Medicine to improve cultural competency and expand LGBT health education beyond HIV/AIDS and STI’s




Dr. Sharon Glezen, Class of 2014

Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry.



"After years of working within the LGBTQ community, I was shocked to learn how much I didn’t know and the LGBT Health Policy & Practice program provided me new knowledge and perspectives to further build my career.  This was most evidenced through my capstone project – a portion of which involved authoring a policy on addressing disparities faced by LGBT Youth with bullying.  I did this for the benefit of the American Public Health Association’s (APHA) LGBT Caucus of Public Health Professionals which had not submitted policy for over 15 years.   The policy was grounded in theories I learned through the LGBT Health Policy & Practice program. After rigorous review by science and policy boards, the policy was adopted by APHA’s Board of Governors."

Authored a policy addressing disparities faced by LGBTQ youth and bullying.  Adopted by the American Public Health Association in 2014 as an official policy statement of the organization.


Jeffrey Goodman, MPH, Class of 2014

DrPH Candidate and Principal at Pro Salus – a health policy consultancy

"Participating in the LGBT Health, Policy & Practice program helped me to further develop my skills as a researcher, advocate and clinician. Being concurrently enrolled in this unique program while completing my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, and working with the Center for LGBT Evidence-based Applied Research (CLEAR), I was able to advance my graduate training and career in the field of psychology. Since the onset of the program I have been working as a member of the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students Committee on Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity (APAGS-CSOGD), which has included being selected to participate on the American Psychological Association (APA) LGBT International Oversight Group, and, most recently, organizing and co-chairing a symposium for the upcoming APA Convention with leading LGBT focused psychologists entitled “Intersections and Future Directions of LGBT Research. I also recently accepted the LGBT Mental Health position for the 2015-16 academic year at the VA San Diego Healthcare System/University of California, San Diego Clinical Psychology Postdoctoral Residency Program. I am proud to say that the education and experiences I gained through participating in the certificate program have helped me to achieve these accomplishments."

Appointed as the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students Committee on Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity representative for the APA LGBT International Oversight Group.


Nicholas Grant, M.A., M.S., Class of 2014

Doctoral Candidate in Clinical Psychology, Pacific Graduate School of Psychology