Jeffrey Goodman

Jeffrey Goodman

Jeffrey has extensive policy and research skills honed at Society for Public Health Education in Washington, DC, Common Ground-Westside HIV Community Center in Santa Monica, Los Angeles Commission on HIV, and the California Community Planning Group for the Department of Public Health/Office of AIDS in Sacramento, CA. He sees this program, heavily focused on applied care, as a way to foster understanding of the requirements and considerations necessary to craft effective and relevant policy and allow him to apply that policy development to actual programs and interventions. His focus is assuring that the needs of and disparities incurred by the LGBT community are properly addressed through the many existing, progressive policies already in place for other populations.


M.P.H. 2013, San Jose State University
B.A. ’79 in Political Science, Tufts University


Jeff developed a policy statement and recommendations on the topic of LGBT bullying. Click here for more info.