How do I apply? 

All you have to do is submit an application, two letters of recommendation, and a written statement of reasons for applying to the program. Please make sure to click "Summer 2019" on the application.

How long is the program?

This 18-credit program may be completed over the course of one or two years.

Where can I see the program's schedule for the 2019-2020 academic year?

You can find the schedule for the program on our Schedule page.

Do I have to live in the Washington, D.C. Metro area in order to be in this program? 

No, this program is mostly online and only requires you to attend the GW main campus for 2 special residency weeks. The Summer Residency will take place from July 13 - 17, 2020, and the Spring Residency will be from January 17 - January 20, 2020, both on the Foggy Bottom campus of the George Wahington University. Housing will be available, along with a large portion of meals. The only expense you will have is your transportation to and from Washington, D.C. and some of your meals and entertainment while in the District. If this is a huge financial strain, we can work with you in finding scholarships or sponsors to make it possible for you to attend. 

What if I live outside the United States, will I be eligible to apply and enroll in this program? 

Yes, we welcome candidates from around the globe to participate in our program. Our program is online and is not specific to LGBT issues within the United States. Moreover, most topics and research discussed in our classes are global. In addition to our global commitment and focus, our summer LGBT Health Forum takes place during the summer residency week in Washington, D.C. 

What are the application requirements for International students?

GWU requires TOEFL / IELTS for International Student Applications. The minimum TOEFL score accepted is a 100 on the IBT. Applications must be submitted by March 30, 2018, and you apply for a B-1 business VISA. Exceptions to the TOFL/IELTS requirement: 1) from a country where English is the official language, or  2) hold a degree from a country where English is the official language. GWU policy information can be found here.

How will this help my career?

Through consultation with experts in the health care field, we designed the program's curriculum to address the skills and competencies currently needed by professionals in the health care community. The capstone project, completed over the course of the program, will result in a real-world product that can be used both as an implementable innovation in your current workplace or as a highlight to your professional resume. Please see the "Student Success Stories" tab on our website for past and current students' narratives on how the program has helped advance their professional work.

Who should apply?

Anyone who is currently working or expects to be working in a health care or care management setting, and who wants to add to their credentials and improve their ability to serve LGBT people should apply. 

How many students are accepted each year?

The number of applicants has been rapidly increasing since the beginning of the program. Each year, we will accept around 15 of the students we deem best fit for the program.

What are the minimum requirements?

Applicants need only have completed a bachelor’s degree prior to the start of the program in order to apply. We give priority admission to students with a GPA of 3.2 or higher, but all qualified applicants will be considered.

What is the application deadline?

We will accept applications from qualified applicants at any time. General application deadline is May 31. Earlier applications receive priority consideration. In addition, the deadline to apply in order to be considered for internal tuition assistance from our program is March 15.

Are the GREs required?


What is a "hybrid" curriculum?

The LGBT Health Certificate program is delivered in a “hybrid” or a blend of on-campus and online formats. This enables working professionals and those from out of the DC to participate more easily. Online classes start June 19. On-campus residency meetings occur twice during the year, once in the summer and then again in the spring. The Summer Residency will take place from July 7 - 13, 2019, and the Spring Residency will be from January 17 - January 20, 2020, both on the Foggy Bottom campus of the George Wahington University. The program concludes at the end of the spring semester in May 2020.

Can I complete this program with a 9-5 job?

Yes. Most our students work or go to school full time and are still able to complete the program in a year. Most of the work content is asynchronous, meaning you can complete the work on your own schedule. The flexibility of the online schedule makes it convenient for working students.

What are the online classes like?

The online portion of the curriculum includes posting to discussion boards, downloading and reading materials, viewing videos streamed online, and other asynchronous class assignments. That is, students can complete these assignments on their own time. Certain classes have written assignments that will be submitted either through email or on Blackboard to the course professor. Some classes occasionally have synchronous meetings in the style of a webinar, but since our program largely consists of busy working professionals, synchronous classes are recorded for students who cannot attend those classes live so they can catch up later. 

How much does the program cost? 

Tuition cost for 2019-2020 academic year is estimated to be $1260 per credit hour or $22,680 for the full 18-credit program. Students who require on-campus housing during the spring and summer residencies will also incur housing expenses of about $450. Estimated cost of books and fees is $445. More detailed information can be found on the Cost of Attendance page.

Do I need to pay the full cost of the program up front?

No. Tuition is paid each at the beginning of each semester (Summer, Fall, Spring) based on the number of credit hours you are registered for. GWU Student Accounts can set up a payment plan if arranged for in advance. 

Is financial assistance available? 

Yes. You may apply for federal student loans at FAFSA.gov. Our internal partial scholarships will also be available for the program year. The deadline to apply in order to be considered for our internal scholarships is March 15. Funding awards decisions will be announced on April 15. You may also look for outside scholarships opportunities.

Who can I contact if I have more questions about the program? 

If you have any questions or requests, you can send an email our program director Dr. Stephen Forssell at [email protected]. You can also find news and updated about the program on Facebook, Twitter, and our LinkedIn group.

Would I be able to contact current students to discuss the program? 

Yes. Contact Dr. Stephen Forssell and he will help pair you with the student that bests matches your interests. 




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